ilien - immutable, debt free, abundance

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ilien - immutable, debt free, abundance

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Welcome notice, Nov 2019: ilien welcome notice (PDF)

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Vision for ilien

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Immutable Value

All ilien coins in circulation contractually tethered to the price of 1 gram of gold on date of conversion contract closure

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ilien debt free coin

ilien is neither a debt nor a credit based currency. ilien is receipted into debt free status at inception

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Circulation Status

Date: March 2020
Lien Tranches Converted:

Coin in circulation:
14,659,326.01626480 ILN

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Bonus, Bonus, Bonus, Good Cause

Bonus 1: 10% of each tranche distributed equally to user wallets with minimum 1 ILN
Bonus 2: 10% of each tranche distributed equally to user wallets with minimum 50 ILN  
Bonus 3: 5% of each tranche distributed on a pro rata coin basis to top 500 wallet holders
Good Cause: 15% of each tranche is made available for good cause projects.

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Max Circulation 10bn

Max circulation of ilien is 10 billion. Coin is released into operation by way of validated tranches

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40% of ilien coin in circulation is allocated and distributed by way of bonus' and good cause funding to the ilien community

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DESKTOP - Lite: AtomicDex Pro; Native/Lite: AgamaS4; Native: KomodoOceanQt; HARDWARE - Ledger; PAPER - KomodoPaperWallet
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ilien chain is secure, with Komodoplatforms - antrara framework, security & smart chain technology

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Komodo's AtomicDex is a decentralised exchange. ilien is listed on AtomicDex. ilien can be exchanged with other listed coins on this platform

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Now is the time to remedy in a transparent way the root cause of global debt backed currency issues and symptoms

About ilien

All information about ilien and the ilien coin can be found in this whitepaper.

ilien White Paper (Nov 2019)
PDF Document Download - 2 MB

The ilien white paper is written in a simple and empathetic way. It contains details of the past, present and future in regard to finance, debt based systems and currency vs debt free coin.

ilien is a coin/token that is debt free as opposed to debt backed. ilien is contractually and immutably linked to 1 gram of gold. The ilien project ethos is about giving and realising abundance.

Ilien Whitepaper Download (PDF 2MB)

Apply for Lien Conversion

The following documents are required by the ilien team, to validate the bona fides of your commercial lien, pre-conversion, and are required to be uploaded – these copy documents must be uploaded in adobe or pdf.

  1. The initial demand/notice issued to the lien debtor and the specific proof of receipt of this initial demand/notice by the lien debtor
  2. The notices of fault, default, and/or dishonour – and the specific proofs of receipt for same, by the lien debtor
  3. The statements of truth and/or affidavits of truth and/or affidavits of obligation, that outline the defaults of the lien debtor, to your lien process/procedure – and the specific proofs of receipt for same, by the lien debtor
  4. The Lien Notice as published –– and the specific proofs of receipt for same, by the lien debtor

Please click to to convert your existing Liens:

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Apply for Good Cause

The Good Cause is for private community based or a private family based good cause application. To apply we require:

  1. Your ILN Wallet Address
  2. Contact email
  3. The name for your Good Cause Project
  4. Estimated Value for the project
  5. Actual Value of this application including contingency
  6. Timeline for project expenditure
  7. Project Funding Application Summary

Please click here for more details and to apply for Good Cause funding:

Apply for Good Cause funding »

ILN / EILN Tokens

Follow the links and guides to set-up your ILN or EILN wallet. You will need a wallet to receive, send and transfer ILN or EILN tokens.

Key points before you start:

  • Ensure you download the correct app format for your device
  • Save your “Private Keys” in a safe place
  • And for EILN go to Videos Wallets

atomicDEX wallet (ILN / EILN)

atomicDEX is a non-custodial wallet prepared to store hundreds of cryptocurrencies, completely decentralized and unrestricted from any country, this wallet offers solutions such as atomic swaps, delayed proof of work and an interoperable multi-chain architecture.
atomicDEX Wallet »

MetaMask wallet (EILN)

MetaMask is a web-based wallet designed for managing, receiving and transferring Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. It functions as a browser extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers. Currently, MetaMask has over a million active users. This really shows how widely accepted it is.
MetaMask Wallet »

Agama wallet (ILN)

Download ilien wallet »

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