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Ilien General Statistics

Statistic review date: 04th November 2019
Lien tranches converted: 3
Total coin in circulation: 3,108,173.88927283 ILN
Spot Rate of 1g of gold:

Breakout of Circulating Coin (rounded)

Item % Allocated & Issued (ILN) Distributed Out (ILN)
Past lien holders – per conversion contracts – Proc B, C, D, & E 50 1,554,086.9446 1,554,086.9446
Tranche Bonus – Proc H
(for all wallet holders)
5/(10) 155,408.6944 0.00
Master Node Bonus – Proc G
(top 500 wallets pro rata share)
5 155,408.6944 0.00
Foreign Crypto Gift Promotion – Proc J 10/(5) 310,817.3889 140,914.2350
Good Cause Fund – Proc F 15 466,226.0833 14,925.3819
Prepay Bonus - Proc K
(for all wallet holders > X coins)
10 310,817.3889 0.00
Administration – Proc I 5 155,408.6944 92,886.3079
Note: Items in (brackets), new %’s to come into effect from T4 for distribution

Tranche Conversion Closure Proofs downloads

T1 conversion closure proofs

View T1 conversion closure proofs
PDF Document

T2 conversion closure proofs

View T2 conversion closure proofs
PDF Document

T3 conversion closure proofs

View T3 conversion closure proofs
PDF Document